Your Website in English

  • You might ask why you should publish your website in English. We have done an extensive review of websites from around the world. Poor English is extremely common, and is, without doubt, the reason that many companies never grow their markets internationally.

  • Remember that online customers never get to meet you in person. You can’t use charm or social skills to win their trust. What you have on your website is who you are, and if your English is bad, they won’t buy your product. They won’t believe that it is high quality or reliable.

  • Even very large companies have this problem.

  • Our vision is to open international gates to trade. We would like to help companies from around the world sell their products and services globally, not just at home.

  • Would you like us to assess your website for free? If you send us your URL, we will conduct a quick analysis and give you constructive feedback. You can then decide whether you need our services or not. 

You need to publish your website in English. English is definitely the language of the internet, and customers always go to your website before they do business with you. A big challenge for companies around the world is making sure that they market themselves effectively online, and to do this, they need to make sure that their websites make them look professional and reliable.

Writing English advertising well for your website is essential. Advertising has always been the primary means of presenting your products and services. As with other forms of copywriting, it needs to be intelligently worded with a focus on highlighting the benefits …

Copywriting for social media is a little different to copywriting for your webpage. Social media is an important aspect of digital marketing and to maximise the value of your social media you need to ensure that your social media copy is engaging and fresh. 

For most businesses your website is the face of your business. This is how you introduce yourself and your customers to your products and services. The biggest mistake most businesses make is ignoring the importance of your copy – what …

It essential to get your users to act. They are on your website, but you can’t talk to them directly. That is what the call to action is for. It must be powerful and actually cause the users to do something. Your call to action must take into account the effect that words and phrases will have on English speaking ….

Blogs help you get high rankings on search engines. They also help you attract users that return. For this reason a well-written and interesting blog is an important part of your marketing strategy. A blog is designed to be informative, and so is not written like other online copy. Your blog is more ….

Getting seen on Google, Baidu and other search engines is vital. Writing your copy with SEO in mind is very important! Knowing exactly what the search engines look for is one of the most closely guarded secrets on the internet. Using basic logic and understanding a few points, however, will render success.

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