English writers and editors committed to helping you succeed in the English-speaking world

  • Win new customers in international markets

  • Make sure you have a great English language website

  • Make sure all your company’s communications are in perfect business English

  • Get a job in an international company

  • Read and listen to books specially selected for English learners – free!

  • English writers and editors will help you get accepted to an English language university

  • Have your research published in English language publications

  • Learn English with fun games and puzzles – free!

The whole world speaks English. Consequently, if you want to do business internationally, you need good English communication skills. Your website must therefore be in perfect English and all your written materials for marketing, presenting, and providing information to your customers must show that your company is world-class. To achieve this, everything you write in English must be to the highest professional standards. In addition, academics and students also need good English. We are English language specialists, and we are passionate about helping people from non-English speaking countries achieve their goals and enjoy success in the English-speaking world. 

English for global business
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The English Language Agency is a full-service agency specialised in providing English language services to businesses, academics, and students in non-English-speaking countries. We are based in Brighton in England and have many years experience in business and in English language education. A real need for expert English copywriters and editors to assist companies and individuals in producing well-written and accurate marketing materials, instruction manuals, university application letters, and articles was identified, and we are here to meet that need. In addition to that, we also help companies ensure that their websites are presented and maintained in good English. If you would like to learn more, contact us here. Our English language resources including free puzzles, games, books and audiobooks are there for English language learners to improve their language skills.

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