Writing Academic English

We offer tailored services writing academic English to students applying for entrance to English language universities. Additionally, we help academics and researchers who wish to have their work published in English.

Academic English can be challenging as scholarly literature, of course, exhibits a high degree of complexity, and the ability to express complex and sometimes abstract concepts is not something that most second-language speakers usually have.

Having worked in the academic and scholarly publishing industry for many years, we have immense experience in this area and we can certainly make getting into university or getting published much easier. 


We are English language experts with vast experience writing and editing academic and scholarly texts. Our vision is to use our immense experience writing academic English to help you get into the university you choose and to get your research published in English language publications.

Title plus what I want to say is that

Your Personal Statement is how you present yourself, so it should be in good English. Also, cultural differences often cause students to include content which is not relevant to the reader. It is therefore necessary to get help writing academic English to successfully ….

Your Curriculum Vitae is very important because it is the first place any university or employer will look to see what you have done in the past. Consequently, it needs to be well-written, up-to-date and accurate. Furthermore, it should …

If you are an academic or researcher and you want to have your research published in English language publications your articles need to be written in perfect English. In addition to that, you need to follow the publishing styles of the publishers. As such, …..

Many universities require students to write an essay to show their skills and proficiency in their fields. This can be fun as well as challenging, however, you need to ensure that it is perfectly written so that you can be sure to get your ideas across. For ….

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