Marketing Materials in English

  • Getting your product to market is one thing, but building awareness is another. That is what marketing materials in English are for.

  • You need to develop a set of marketing materials – marketing collateral – to get the message out and to make people aware of your products and services.

  • Agencies are typically very expensive, and few are specialized in helping companies from non-English speaking countries successfully enter global markets.

  • ELA was founded with that vision in mind. We are here to help companies succeed in global markets.

  • Our many years of experience in English language education as well as writing and editing for English language publications make us well-placed to help you produce the very best marketing materials. 

Producing marketing materials in English is extremely important if you wish to do business in global markets. The quality and presentation of those materials will have an enormous impact on your brand reputation and, ultimately, the success of your company. 

Advertising to gobal markets has always been the primary means of presenting your products and services internationally and growing your business around the world. As with other forms of copywriting, it needs to be intelligently worded with … 

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Flyers can be very useful to notify your target audience of new products, services or events. You can also use flyers to provide snippets of useful information to the general public. As with all marketing materials, you need to take a few things into account.

Brochures are  an important way to let your target market know about the products and services you offer. They need to show the quality and reliability not just of the products they refer to, but of your company as a whole. For this reason, good writing ….

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