Great Brochures in English

Great brochures in English should be well designed.

They should target the right audience.

Make them interesting and engaging.

Focus on the benefits of the product or service, not its features.

Brochures should be professionally written by an expert English writer.

Great brochures in English are an important way to let your target market know about the products and services you offer. It needs to show the quality and reliability not just of the products it refers to, but of your company as a whole. For this reason, good writing and professional presentation is vital.

Our Services

  • Writing ad copy is an art. We have been doing it for years and know exactly how to appeal to the English-speaking reader.

  • There are cultural differences in how people respond to words, colours and styles of advertising. We are well-placed to tell your English-speaking audience exactly what you are trying to say, taking social conventions and norms into account.

  • We are able to write persuasive and informative ad-copy that really causes emotional responses in US and European audiences.

  • Our extensive experience outside of Europe gives us the sensitivity we need to translate not just words, but feelings as well.

  • Let us help you really communicate with English-speaking audiences.

The Process

Defining the brief: you will send us an initial brief outlining the aim of the brochure and the information that you want included, the target audience, the product or service being sold and the type of brochure you want to produce.

We will review the information you submit, calculate how much work we need to do on it, and then get back to you with a proposal. We will include what we expect to do, the time we expect it  to take and then send you an offer.

Once you have received the offer you can either accept it immediately, or arrange a consultation to discuss the project. You are under no obligation to accept the offer until this stage. Once the offer is accepted, we will work on the first draft and send it to you.

There may be corrections, new thoughts, or other input from you. That is expected. We include this revision in the initial quote, so you have the opportunity to give us feedback at this point. Once we receive your feedback, we will make the changes requested, and deliver the brochures. Naturally, we will work with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the final product. 

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