Manuals in Good English

  • Manuals in good English will make all the difference to the way that customers see your company.

  • As with your website, your written communications with your customers, including, for example, the instruction manuals that you include with products, will make or break your reputation as a company.

  • Poorly written instructions for new products are very common, and customers immediately lose faith in your brand.

  • It is really important for you to make sure that everything that your company produces, especially instructions and guides, is really well written by professional native speaking writers.

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Manuals in good English are an absolute must for any company doing business in international markets. Company communications written using bad English are a major cause of distrust and consequently have  a really negative impact on your sales and customer retention.

Operations manuals in global companies need to be published in various languages, including English, which is usually the operating language. Your employees really need to understand your policies and procedures well ….

Training manuals for staff in branch offices are essential for companies with a presence in global markets. These manuals play an important role in internal operations and should be well-written, in good English, as well as clear ….

Service manuals, like instruction manuals, need to be written by international manufacturers for technicians and others repairing, servicing and maintaining their products in other countries. These manuals, too, need to be written in ….

Instruction manuals present one of the biggest challenges to manufacturers from non-English speaking countries. Poorly written instruction manuals are a major cause of distrust in brands. Even if the product itself is high-quality, if ….

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