Learn English for travel

  • Many people study English for social reasons and to be understood around the world. They want to learn English for travel. Whatever the reason, the challenge is the same.

  • There are many English language schools out there, but finding a really good one can be challenging.

  • You need English native-speaking teachers that can introduce you to western culture and society at the same time as teaching you English.

  • We are based in Brighton in England and we are experienced teachers. We prepare our students to take internationally recognised exams such as those offered by Cambridge University.

  • Studying online at your own pace is the best way to prepare for your adventures abroad.

The world is a big and wonderful place. If you learn English for travel, your opportunities to see, feel, and understand foreign cultures and people will be far greater, and you will get much more from the experience. Learn English for travel with us. We are experts.

The syllabus for our English for Social use course is based on the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference which was developed to help teachers and students understand their level of English, and it provides us with the language – the vocabulary, the grammar, the pronunciation as well as the reading….

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