Training Manuals in English

Training manuals in English should be aimed specifically at a particular audience.

They should be written in a conversational style.

Pay attention to writing so as to encourage feedback and participation.

Training manuals should be revisable.

All corporate communications must be written in good English.

Training manuals in English for staff in branch offices are essential for companies with a presence in global markets. These manuals play an important role in internal operations and should be well-written, in good English, as well as clear and well-structured. Your company’s reputation is at stake, but even more importantly, you need your staff to be well-trained, and so good training materials are a must.

Our Service

  • We will write your training manual in clear, accurate and professional English.

  • It is our task to ensure that it is easy-to-understand and provides clear and accurate instructions and guidance to the learner.

  • Our great experience in international markets and our knowledege of global culture we will ensure that the tone and register is appropriate to the target audience.

  • We will write the manual in such a way that it encourages participation and feedback.

  • It is important to write the manual so that it is easily adaptable to different target audiences. 

The Process

Defining the brief: you will send us your manual as it currently stands in English. 

We will review the information you submit, calculate how much work we need to do on it, and then get back to you with a proposal. We will include what we expect to do, the time we expect it  to take and then send you an offer.

Once you have received the offer you can either accept it immediately, or arrange a consultation to discuss the project. You are under no obligation to accept the offer until this stage. Once the offer is accepted, we will work on the first draft and send it to you.

There may be corrections, new thoughts, or other input from you. That is expected. We include this revision in the initial quote, so you have the opportunity to give us feedback at this point. Once we receive your feedback, we will make the changes requested, and deliver the manuals. Naturally, we will work with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the final product. 

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