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The syllabus for our English tuition for school is based on the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference which was developed to help teachers and students understand their level of English, and it provides us with the language – the vocabulary, the grammar, the pronunciation as well as the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills – that you are expected to know at each level. In addition, it also tells us how and what to teach at each level of your English learning.

All our lessons are created following the guidelines of the CEFR. Consequently, our syllabus is compliant with all major testing systems around the world, so you will learn English and, at the same time, prepare for important exams that will prove your proficiency.

English tuition for school is important for anyone that wants to succeed in life and study.  It is reall important if you need to communicate with people in other countries. We can help.

The CEFR includes six levels of language proficiency and describes what you can do at each level:

Help with IELTS preparation - CEFR descriptors

Our school syllabus is based on the CEFR and is designed to help students prepare for Cambridge qualifications.

Cambridge courses for school students

  1. Primary Years 1–2: Pre A1 Starters
  2. Primary Years 3–4: A1 Movers
  3. Primary Years 5–6: A2 Flyers
  4. Secondary Year 1: A2 Key
  5. Secondary Years 2–3: B1 Preliminary
  6. Secondary Years 4–5: B2 First
  7. Secondary Years 6–7: C1 Advanced.
Help with IELTS preparation - The CEFR levels

There are seven levels and each one is designed to tutor and prepare children to take an exam, passing which will result in an internationally recognised qualification.

Cambridge qualifications are recognised by over 11,000 educational institutions and companies worldwide. There is no better way to prepare your children to succeed in the English-speaking world.

Content on this page was produced by and is reproduced on this website by kind  permission of Cambridge Assessment English.

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